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Updated Coal Chamber 2015 North American Tour Schedule With Fear Factory
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Update 5/26/2015 Metal bands Coal Chamber & Fear Factory have announced dates for a joint 2015 "North American" Tour. The bands are set to meet up for a concert at the Rialto Theatre in Tucson, AZ on July 24th & is scheduled to wrap at the The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA on August 22nd. Concert additions are possible. However, the table below reflects an accurate concert schedule of major North American venue concert dates with available Coal Chamber concert tickets. The table scans for updates every time the page loads. So, be sure to bookmark us & check back often for changes.

Update 3/13/2015 Coal Chamber has announced dates for a 2015 "U.S. Comeback" Tour. The tour is already in progress & scheduled to wrap with a concert in Dallas, TX at the Gas Monkey Live on April 12th. Concert additions may be made. However, the table below scans for schedule updates every time the page loads. So, be sure to bookmark us & check back often for changes.

The "U.S. Comeback" Tour is in promotion of their upcoming 4th studio album "Rivals" (tracklist below) [Buy Album], which was released on May 19th.

Fear Factory will be promoting their upcoming 9th studio album "Genexus", which is scheduled for release on August 7th. Their previous album "The Industrialist" (tracklist below) [Buy Album] was released in June of 2012 & charted at #43 on the Canadian Albums Chart.

Filter, Combichrist & American Head Charge are supporting acts during the tour. Combichrist will likely continue promoting their 7th studio album, "We Love You" (tracklist below) [Buy Album], which was released in March of last year.

Filter has not released an album since their 2013 released 6th studio album, "The Sun Comes Out Tonight" (tracklist below) [Buy Album]. The album managed to peak at #46 on the U.S. Billboard 200, with the single "What Do You Say" reaching #15 on the Billboard Active Rock & #16 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks charts.

Tracklist for the "Rivals" is as follows:
[Buy the Coal Chamber Rivals Album]

1. "I.O.U. Nothing"
2. "Bad Blood Between Us"
3. "Light in the Shadows"
4. "Suffer in Silence"
5. "The Bridges You Burn"
6. "Orion"
7. "Another Nail in the Coffin"
8. "Rivals"
9. "Wait"
10. "Dumpster Dive"
11. "Over My Head"
12. "Fade Away (Karma Never Forgets)"
13. "Empty Handed"
14. "Worst Enemy"

Tracklist for the "We Love You" is as follows:
[Buy the Combichrist We Love You Album]

1. "We Were Made to Love You"
2. "Every Day Is War"
3. "Can't Control"
4. "Satan's Propaganda"
5. "Maggots At The Party"
6. "Denial"
7. "The Evil In Me"
8. "Fuck Unicorns"
9. "Love Is A Razorblade"
10. "From My Cold Dead Hands"
11. "We Rule The World Motherfuckers"
12. "Retreat Hell Part 1"
13. "Retreat Hell Part 2"

Deluxe version - "The Art of Riots":

14. "The Plan"
15. "Confrontation"
16. "Skull Breaker"
17. "Riot Station"
18. "Norwega"
19. "The King Has Spoken"

Tracklist for the "The Sun Comes Out Tonight" is as follows:
[Buy the Filter The Sun Comes Out Tonight Album]

1. "We Hate It When You Get What You Want"
2. "What Do You Say"
3. "Surprise"
4. "Watch the Sun Come Out Tonight"
5. "Itís Got to Be Right Now"
6. "This Fingerís for You"
7. "Self Inflicted"
8. "First You Break It"
9. "Burn It"
10. "Take That Knife Out of My Back"
11. "Itís My Time"
12. "Itís Just You"

iTunes Bonus Tracks:

13. "The Better Years"
14. "Faded"
15. "The Hand That's Dealt (UK Bonus Track)"

Tracklist for the "The Industrialist" is as follows:
[Buy the Fear Factory The Industrialist Album]

1. "The Industrialist"
2. "Recharger"
3. "New Messiah"
4. "God Eater"
5. "Depraved Mind Murder"
6. "Virus of Faith"
7. "Difference Engine"
8. "Disassemble"
9. "Religion Is Flawed Because Man Is Flawed"
10. "Human Augmentation"

Deluxe edition:

11. "Blush Response" (Difference Engine remix)
12. "Landfill" (Pitchshifter cover)

Japanese edition:

11. "Blush Response" (Difference Engine remix)
12. "Timelessness II"

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